Anxiety In Sales Is Not Optional. It's Part Of Everyday Life.

Inside this E-Book you'll find strategies that salespeople and sales leaders can use to...

  • Overcome anxiety.
  • Manage stress-levels.
  • Avoid burnout.
  • Improve daily motivation.
  • Bounce back from rejection.
  • Build supportive sales environments
  • Feel more connected to your work.
  • Build a resilient Mindset.
  • Avoid toxic sales environments.
  • Set better boundaries.
  • Embrace vulnerability in sales.
  • Build good Mental Health habits.
  • Have difficult conversations.
Among countless other ways to improve your Sales Performance through better Mental Health.

This is NOT a short 10-page point form list. It's over 50,000 words in length. Download and read on your device of choice.


The Guide To Better Mental Health In Sales

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Book Reviews

"TL;DR - Poor mental health in the sales profession is a terrifying monster standing in a dark corner. Riseley bravely shines light on it, and gives sales manager tools to fight back and lead. This book should be not only read, but put in to action by those who genuinely care about the people behind the numbers.

Written using a series of short form posts, or a day to day calendar, Riseley's book is a quick read and is set up to stimulate discussion. He tackles a myriad of problems that face the mental health of a salesperson, ranging from Motivation to specific ways to communicate with SaaS tools (like Slack), and "Email Apnea"

His insights are based on a refreshing combination of research and experience that makes a person in the industry feel seen. Beyond all that, he gives a ton of other resources throughout that will enable sales leaders, or professionals, to deep dive in to a subject of their interest, and bypass those that don't interest enough.

It's a well thought out book, that opens the door to accepting that mental health is important, sales people are not immune to it, and it's a topic that should be addressed, if not daily, at least frequently.

I'd recommend it to anyone who leads a team, gets inspired by short articles, or wants to support themselves or others by addressing mental health."

- Brian Zeit, Director of Sales

"Fantastic, practical book tackling a major issue that should be a top priority for every sales leader and pro seller."

- Brandon Fluharty, VP Strategic Account Solutions